The Coach4aDay Program

The Coach4aDay Program is simple: a Program Partner (school or team) auctions off  the opportunity to be an Assistant Coach for the day for a selected game.  The winner of the auction gets be the “Assistant Coach” during the selected Program Partners sporting event.  The auction proceeds go to help in the fight against illiteracy.

The Assistant Coach Program relies on partnering with collegiate and professional sports teams for the program to succeed. It is an excellent opportunity for teams to enrich their communities and offer fans a unique game-day experience.

The3pointfoundation is a Non-Profit (Fed Id#80-0793305) that teaches and mentors urban boys to prepare them for success in academics and life.  We concentrate on reading, writing, mathematics and character development for underserved youth who have demonstrated commitment, discipline and enthusiasm by playing in organized basketball programs.  We provide the support and resources for our boys to obtain life transforming educational opportunities by being admitted to outstanding private, charter or exam schools.  The key to our success is our focused strategy of bring outstanding educational and mentoring programs to high potential boys participating in the leading inner city community basketball program which, as part of its core values, emphasizes academic success.

Previous Program Partners

The Assistant Coach Program had 4 teams last year run successful auctions.. These teams include-. Memphis University,. Harvard University, Vanderbilt and Virginia.

Auction item

The following is an example of what COULD be included in an Auction package-

1. Access to the locker room before tip off at a time of the team’s choosing.

2. On-court access to pre-game warm ups.

3. Seats close to, or on, the home team bench.

4. Post-game locker room and press conference access.

5. No boys in grade 7th to 12th are eligible to participate in the winning bid for tickets.  All others are free to participate.

We feel this is a great program, that helps fight Literacy and your team raise awareness and money. We would like to set up a meeting with you to discuss the opportunity to work together on this program.

Please feel free to contact me directly-

Andrew Mirken- Andrew@the3pointfoundation.org

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